I just went on Netvibes this morning just to check out my little universe that I have created, without any real direction for what I was looking for. First, I looked at a tab I installed (that another user created) which includes a bunch of resources for web design and development. I have been working on a site for a non-profit, and they sent me a DVD of a news report about them that they wanted to be put on the site. I was a little embarrassed to tell them I did not really know how to do that. After doing some research on the internet here and there, I still could not find a free resource that would help me do it. But, while on Netvibes this morning, on my Web Design tab, I saw a blog entry about “5 Best DVD Ripping Tools.” I read about a tool called “HandBrake” which helps you convert DVD files into video files you can put on the web. This tool is free and totally easy to use. I was able to test out a few different quality levels and sizes to get exactly what I wanted.

Then I was looking at the “Activities” portion of Netvibes (at the top of the screen) and noticed a post from one of my favorite authors, Paulo Coelho. I had no idea that he had a Netvibes page and it was cool to see the different things he linked to, like books he recommends and comments from other people. I then checked out the link to his official website and read about my favorite book of his called “Veronika Decides to Die.” And low and behold, they are now making a film based on the book starring Sarah Michelle Gellar which is set to start filming next month (IMDB). I mean, I had no idea that my favorite book is being turned into a film, and I’m not sure I would have heard about it until it came out without Netvibes.

So, within the span of less than an hour I discovered two very cool things through Netvibes that I had not set out to learn but am very grateful to have discovered. Have I mentioned I love Web 2.0?