I’ve been trying to develop this idea for a small business blog for quite sometime now. A friend of mine is planning on starting a small business consulting business, and wanted a site where he could blog about starting/growing your small business. For a long time now I’ve know it’s really hard to start and have your own business. My dad has his own strategic planning business and I’ve seen some of his trials and tribulations. There is a lot involved with having your own business; it’s very hard work and isn’t for everyone. But isn’t it cool when it works out for someone? It’s the ultimate American dream to start your own business from scratch, and I find the idea very intriguing.

There is an endless stream of content I think you can discuss about running a small business. There are so many thinks to worry about if you have a small business; including developing a business plan, getting set up as a legal entity, where you’re going to get funding, recruiting good employees, etc. Also, I think it would be cool to showcase successful small businesses, and talk about how they thrived. In this way, I think the site would have no shortage of good content, which should be the foundation of any website you design.

In researching this topic, I’ve found a lot of very official websites that tackle the subject of small businesses. Of course, the Small Business Administration has a website. And to my pleasant surprise, this is actually a really helpful website. There are topics that range from planning and starting your business, to managing and getting out of your small business. For business owners this would be a great resource for official information. For the site I’m doing, I’m picturing something a little less formal, and more interactive. I would like for people to exchange ideas about how to run a business. But this site does have great information.

A few other sites provided some great information, including The Washington PostYahoo!, and Entrepeneur.com. I liked all of these sites because it looks like they are constantly providing their users with new, relevant information, such as advice for small businesses given the state of the economy.  Yahoo! has a cool portion of the site dedicated to the female small business owner Yahoo! for Women, which gives advice specifically for that segment. This includes resources for female entrepreneurs and articles that feature other successful business owners.

While I like all of the above websites for their content, I would love to expand on their design concepts. These sites seem very formal-business-esque and static, whereas I think their might be some room for more creativity and interactivity. I’m picturing some earthy tones, perhaps some deep reds and earthy greens. Also, I’m thinking of designing a site with a WordPress or Drupal backend, so that the website can be easily updated.