biogameAlright, I have made my first attempts at creating a Flash game and quiz. I used a simple drag and drop script we had in Flash class to make a human body game. I think this type of game might be useful to learn about the organs of the body. My game is really simple, but I can see how if expanded upon, this could be an effective learning tool. Check it out here.

Also, I did a lot of research on how to make a quiz in Flash and found a good tutorial here. Again, it is a very simple quiz application, but it could be good for a site used as a supplement to other classroom tools.  The tutorial used an xml file to control the content and an Actionscript file to control how the quiz functioned and looked.  I had to use questions that were short because I could not figure out how to wrap the text from an XML file in Actionscript (P.S. Does anyone know how to do that?). Check out the quiz here.