I researched some sites that help people find new movies. Here are some of those sites:

What to Rent

I stumbled across a site called whattorent.com that actually seems to have a pretty inventive system for recommending movie titles to you. At first I was a little annoyed that I had to fill out a semi-long survey, but once I did I was pretty impressed with the results. The first title it recommended to me sounds really intriguing and I think I might go rent it (it’s called 8 1/2 if you’re curious). The site is not very flashy, but seems to produce good results. You can keep track of which titles the site recommends to you, which is nice. If I were to do this idea, I would make it more visual, and maybe give the user some more choices on what type of movie they want to learn about. The survey, while slightly tedious, is the brains behind what’s going on. I wonder if I could achieve a similar effect with fewer questions.

Taste Kid

TasteKid.com is a very simple concept that kind of follows in Pandora’s footsteps in a way, by recommending movie titles based on other movies that you like. While it is pretty limited, I haven’t seen a lot of movie sites out there that attempt to do what they are doing. It would be interesting to incorporate a type of recommendation section into my site.

The Filter

I think TheFilter.com has a pretty interesting concept going. If you register, this site will “filter” entertainment content for you, recommending certain movie or music titles based on what genre you’re interested in. I like the look and feel of the site and also that you can save your recommended titles. One gripe I have is that the site takes forever to load, leaving the user waiting.


Flixster.com seems to be on more of the social networking end of movie recommendation sites, with features like profiles, comment walls, and friending. I think this actually makes some sense, especially considering your friends are probably very likely to be able to recommend good movies to you. I was kind of turned off by the fact that you pretty much have to register to use the site. I think when making my site, I’m going to make most features accessible without registering, becasue this seems to be a major roadblock with some users.